Curriculum Vitae

(Diese Seite ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar.)
* 1970 in Karl-Marx-Stadt, now Chemnitz, Germany
married, no kids

1977 – 1987 Primary school „J. W. Goethe” in Karl-Marx-Stadt
1987 – 1989 Secondary school „Dr. Theodor Neubauer” in Karl-Marx-Stadt
qualification:Abitur (A-Level)
mark:»with distinction«

Military Service
09/1989 – 04/1990 Mandatory military service (NPA of the GDR)

09/1990 – 08/1995 Studies of computer science at the Chemnitz University of Technology
main subjects:- applied computer science
- modelling, simulation and optimization
subsidiary subject:- operations research
qualification:Diplom-Informatiker (Dipl.-Inf.)
mark:»excellent« with university price 1996
09/1995 – 03/1998 Free State of Saxony scholarship student
04/2006 Graduation to doctor engineer (Dr.-Ing.) with the thesis „Simultaneous dimensioning and hierarchical-spatial structuring of part flow systems by means of genetic algorithms”
mark:»cum laude«

Vocational Experience
1987 – 1988 Placement at company „Numerik” Karl-Marx-Stadt, programming the control for an automatic high-bay warehouse
1988 – 1989 Placement at company „Robotron” Karl-Marx-Stadt, programming an expert system for the careers guidance of pupils with reduced occupation fitness for the guidance office of Karl-Marx-Stadt
11/1993 – 02/1996 Lecturer at the computer training center of the district savings bank Flöha
main subjects: - drawing up content and documents for courses
- giving computer courses for children, young or self-employed person, small and medium-size entrepreneurs
07/1996 – 12/2001 Partner of the „MSO - Society for Modelling, Simulation and Optimization GbR Chemnitz”
main subject: - development and implementation of an analyzing and predicting software for the car rental company Sixt AG Pullach
04/1998 – 12/2000 Research Associate of the DFG-Project „Creating an Interlinked Logistic and Simulation Centre” at the Chemnitz University of Technology:
04/1998 - 12/1998: Subproject I - Integrated and networked data management (Chair of Production Modelling at Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering)
01/1999 - 12/2000: Subproject V - Integration of simulation systems for factory planning and controlling (Chair of Modelling and Simulation at Faculty of Computer Science)
01/2001 – 12/2005 Research Associate at the Chair of Theoretical Computer Science and Information Security at the Chemnitz University of Technology
main subjects: - efficient and heuristic algorithms
- cryptography and information security
- smart cards
- planning and administration of computer systems and networks (Windows, Linux, Solaris)
since 01/2007 CIO at Refuse Disposal and City Cleansing Service of Chemnitz

German (native speaker)
Englisch (Unicert Level 1)
Russian (needs a brush up)

Other Activities
1990 – 2000 Chief of the chess group in the sports club SG Adelsberg eV.
since 2000 Member of the chess group in the sports club SV Eiche Reichenbrand eV.
2006 – 2009 Managing committee member of the Chemnitz Chess Federation eV.
(presently New Media and Internet Officer)